Monday, 12 September 2011

Bluebirds part 9

The hotel was pretty deserted when I went reluctantly to the ATM to withdraw money for sex that I thankfully couldn't and wouldn't remember. I didn't know whether Avril's last words were some kind of sick blackmail for me to pay her more money or not but I wasn't willing to find out. Besides if she knew what the dig was in old Blighty then it'd probably be plastered all over the newspapers and TV.

I pushed my card into the machine and typed in my PIN,the year my mother was born,and felt someone watching me. I withdrew the allocated fee and turned to see I was under the scrutinisingly sexy glare of Aurora.
She eyed the banknotes in my hand and raised an eyebrow, 'paying your debts?'
I shrugged the best i-don't-care-shrug and ignored her question, 'sorry,i don't speak French!' ha! How funny am i? She'd spoken English but with her sexy accent of hers and i'd made a slight jokey insult at her expense,go me!
She smiled maliciously, 'no but you certainly kiss that way. Or is that something you save strictly for geriatric german prostitutes?'
Oh touche,touche my lovely Aurora.
I leant defeated on her desk and sighed deeply. 'any news on what's going on in England? Are the ports or airports open?'
She either pretended to type on the keyboard in front off her or she spoke fluent Welsh and looked up at me again. 'there is no news i'm afraid Sir,the same as yesterday. All travel between England and other countries has been temporarily cancelled.'
'surely there must be an explanation?' I asked frantically stuffing the banknotes in my wallet when I spotted Pierre the taxi driver shiftily standing the other side of the foyer.
Aurora shook her head. 'nothing official but certain people are saying some strange theories.'
'such as?'
'i don't wish to concern you,' she said sympathetically,however her face told me the opposite,'but there was an unofficial report on the local radio about a fisherman who has been arrested for attempting to take people illegally across The Channel. He was paid a ridiculous sum to take one of your important members of parliament to Dover. He returned with this MP a few hours later where he was arrested. He claimed,and furthermore so did the MP,that England was not there. It had vanished!'