Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Bluebirds part 10

Vanished? What a load of poppycock,i thought and went through to the bar area to grab myself a cup of tea. Avril could wait a minute.
Tea in hand I sat on one of the chairs opposite a tiny plasma tv and was shocked at what I saw on the news. People were virtually rioting at Calais Docks,the Army where there helping the Police for God sake! What did these people honestly think they could do? Hijack a P&O fucking ferry and sail it themselves??! The most nautical experience any of the overweight porkers and tourists on the screens probably had was using a Pedalo at Butlins when they were a fat porky teenager! What disturbed me furthermore was the headline that ran across the bottom of the screen in French and,thoughtfully,in English. ''ENGLAND IS IN QUARRANTINE!''
Fuck! The first thing that sprung to mind was some kind of plague,no we don't use that word any more do we,too medieval. Some kind of virus,like in 28 Days Later. I looked down into the milky beige depths of my tea and thought two things; what the hell was going on in England? And, i've put too much bloody milk in this!