Thursday, 17 May 2012

Bluebirds part 11

I think i'd taken tea for far too long as Avril appeared before me looking as undesirable as a pork sandwich at a synagogue. She slumped down beside me and sighed.
I paid her her wages and she bought me a refill for my tea.
After taking a sip of the blackest coffee I had ever seen she said, ''have they said further news on England?''
I did one of those snorty laughs that people do when they witness something that incredibly surreal they refuse to believe it.'' yeah,apparently it's,England that is,has vanished!''
Avril didn't appeared shocked at all just nodded her head sombrely. ''my suspicions were correct.''
What suspicions, I thought, so I asked her aloud.
''i have,'' Avril gazed into my eyes seriously,'' noticed signs.omens if you will of impending doom. It's all around us. Something is happening to our world.''
''Nah it's probably something completely rational no doubt.'' I said trying not to laugh at her armageddon paranoia.''there are no signs. I would've noticed surely?''
I leant back and accidently bumped the elbow of some twat in a suit knocking his phone out of his hand and onto the floor. As he bent to retrieve it the caller display signalled an incoming phonecall and Michael Stipe sung 'it's the end of the world as we know it'.
A heavyset tattooed freak in a biker jacket bent to pick it up for him, a trifle weird some perfectly healthy guy helping another like that. On his jacket was a old sewn on patch of the Blue Oyster Cult with the Grim Reaper on it,he had scribbled out the 'n't' off 'don't fear the reaper'.
One of the hotel security,a burly man, who was walking alone whistling 'bad moon rising' took the tattooed guy by the arm and made him give the business man his wallet back.
See? I'm really observant me,i would have seen the signs Avril mentioned.