Sunday, 17 June 2012

Bluebirds part 13

Okay I was starting to take this shit more seriously now after watching an honest news report mid-afternoon after Avril had left me to my ponderings. According to the report the entire island containing England, Wales and Scotland had vanished! All the little islands off Scotland and such where still there. Like a turd flushed down the toilet the main chunk had gone just leaving the freckles of annoying shite splattered on the bowl.
Scientists so far can not explain a thing,there isn't even a theory,no even one of those awesome David Icke paranoid insane ones! There was no witnesses to the island's vanishing and no seismic activity recorded. One second it was there,the next gone!
My parents.
My home.
My town.
My country.
My ex-girlfriends, yay!
No explanation. No underwater space Nazi cavemen alien zombies attacking everyone. No nothing. Zilch.
Did this mean I could max my credit cards and not have to consider the outcome?
I needed to see this for myself. I gestured for Pierre the taxi driver, Aurora the hot receptionist, and Avril the ageing German prostitute,who had come back to interrupt my ponderings, to join me as I thought we'd make an interesting mishap zany group for a misadventure such as this.