Sunday, 19 August 2012

ZeeBeeBees 1

Bob peered over the top of the table. Nothing had happened. No explosion or anything. He lept up and opened the Coolerwave's door and touched the dish of water. Reluctantly he dipped his little finger in the water. It was cold! He had succeeded!
He danced a merry jig around the kitchen and for improvisation grabbed two empty supermarket brand instant noodle pots and held them against his head like horns. He thrust his crotch and sung 'oh yeah!' repeatedly like some horny devil. He was mid-thrust when he froze as he eye caught the view from his kitchen window. Dropping the pots he ran to look through the glass.
Normally his view would be overlooking a beautiful green park,with wood and iron benches and a little summerhouse and a band stand,all of which had been defiled by hooligans. Now his view was exactly the same but upside down.
Bob stared in disbelief and opened the window.
As soon as he stuck his head out of the window he felt the gravitational pull of this upside down world pull his head upwards.
To confirm this he threw one of the noodle pots out of the window and watched it fall up.
He closed the window and walked to the kitchen door,opened it and nearly fell to his death upwards on to a collosal motorway with hundreds of cars zooming past. Bob clung to the door handle and frame and pulled himself back into his kitchen.

Bob sat on his stool and thought long and hard. If just his kitchen was normal then whatever had happened had happened to the whole room obviously. He looked at the Coolerwave and smiled. Instead of wasting hours pondering on what the hell had happened Bob went with his most logical thought. He had unwittingly invented some kind of transdimensional transporting device.
Bob placed the dish back in the Coolerwave and set it for ten seconds and pressed start.
Nothing happened. No Ping!
Of course,he thought slapping a hand against his forehead,i haven't boiled the water.
After doing so he tried again but  he altered the duration to five seconds so he wouldn't have to wait so long.
He rushed to the window and was pleased to see everything looked normal.
He was also relieved to see the rest of his house when he opened the kitchen door.
Bob walked to leave his house,he needed some fresh air,time to think of the possibilities of what he had created. Plus he had a right headache coming on. Probably all this dimension-hopping, he thought and coughed a little. In fact almost everyone he passed had some kind of irritable cough. Great,thought Bob,
I come back from another dimension just in time for flu season.

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