Sunday, 19 August 2012

ZeeBeeBees 5

Bob must have fallen or passed out or something as one minute he was standing face to face with an actual zombie, then he was face to face with his kitchen floor. Blood splattered on the white tiles before his eyes. Bob's lung's felt heavy and on fire. A nasty hacking cough shook his body and he knew that he had contracted whatever had infected the people where he just was. He pushed himself to his knees and stared at the Coolerwave as if it would solve his problems. Typical,he thought as he struggled to his feet,i create the most amazing thing ever to happen in science history and now i'm going to die.
His vison blurred as he staggered to the kitchen doorway. After taking just one step his legs gave way and he fell onto the threshold of his hallway. Breathing became difficult and his body started shaking. Before his vision went he could see someone looking down at him with messy blonde hair and really crap half arsed clown make-up on. Bob felt as though his insides had liquidized themselves and wanted to vacate his body. Just before Bob's eyes rolled back and burst in his head the clown man smiled a childishly innocent smile at him and raised his hand palm outward to him and to his surprise began to sing.
''Hello hello,how are you?, hello hello,it's good to see you......''

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