Sunday, 19 August 2012

ZeeBeeBees prologue

Bob Smith was suffering. Bob Smith was depressed. Bob Smith was a failure.
Bob Smith was a Scientist.
After the success of an American Sitcom about a group of nerdy young scientists everyone was showing more interest lately in his ex-colleagues but not him.
He didn't look like a scientist,that was the problem. He wasn't tall or skinny and just wasn't nerdy enough. He didn't wear scientisty clothes. Hell he didn't even talk like a scientist.

Bob Smith scratched his shaven head and used the soldering iron he had in his hand to fuse a very unimportant piece of technical shit to the object in front of him.
The object was once a standard microwave but now housed innards of Bob's tinkering and a big cylinder of liquid nitrogen attached to the back.
Bob's invention was a reverse microwave. Something that cooled things rapidly rather than heated. He double checked everything was in place and inserted the Coolerwave's plug into the socket on his work bench.
He held his breath and switched the power switch on the plug socket. Pushing the stool he sat on back he poured boiling water from a kettle that had just boiled into a microwavable dish.
On the Coolerwave's digital fascia he keyed in ten seconds for the duration of cooling. His fingered hovered over the 'Start' button. He looked around his crappy little kitchen as if for the last time expecting his failure as a scientist to somehow backfire,fuck up and cover him with liquid nitrogen and freeze him.
He pressed 'start'.

Bob sighed with relief when he saw the bowl of boiling water turn slowly on the Coolerwave's carousel and watched excitedly as the seconds counted down.
Something was happening. As he wanted the Coolerwave was filling with the liquid nitrogen but there was electrical crackles like minute lightening zapping the dish.
It was now he noticed the 'off' button didn't work.
Bob ducked below the table with his hands over his head and waited for the enevitable Ping!

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