Thursday, 23 August 2012

ZeeBeeBees 6

The Voice is acting strange,thought Mr Tumble as his scratched his head. Ever since he had found the poorly man in the 'other' kitchen the Voice,the child's voice that only he could hear,the Voice that gave him all instruction sounded ill. The Voice's name was Anna.
Mr Tumble looked worried and did not know what to do. ''Anna,what should I do?''
He heard someone enter the house and turned to see an elderly man who looked like an older version of Mr Tumble whistling his way up the hallway. He wore a flat cap and a brown duffel coat,it was Grandad Tumble.
Grandad Tumble's jaw fell open in shock and horror at the sight of the dead scientist. ''what have you done The Boy?!''
Mr Tumble started crying,big tears pouring out of his eyes, ''I've not done anything. I found this man and he looks very poorly. Should we call a doctor?''
Grandad looked at the man lying on the floor,an expression of sheer agony on his very dead face. The front of the man's top half was covered with lumpy blood vomit. ''I think it's a bit late for a doctor The Boy!''Grandad scratched his chin and thought long and hard. ''Have you asked Anna?''
''Anna?!''Mr Tumble exclaimed,''You can hear Anna too?!''
''Of course I can silly boy!'' Grandad scolded him before looking towards the ceiling towards an invisible entity. ''Anna?''
At first only silence came from the Voice called Anna but then a soft coughing came into their heads. ''Aaaaaahurgh!''
Mr and Grandad Tumble jumped with fear. ''what on earth's wrong?'' Grandad asked.
''Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiins!'' Screamed Anna in a surprisingly gutteral voice for a little girl.
''Brains?'' Asked Mr Tumble obviously perplexed by the voice in his,and Grandad Tumble's heads.
More coughing and spluttering from Anna.
Turning to Grandad Mr Tumble said, ''do you think Anna needs a doctor too?''
Grandad considered this for a few moments,a look of serious consideration upon his face. ''no,The Boy,we can't get a doctor for a disembodied voice that only a select few of us Tumbles can hear. People wouldn't believe that we weren't clinically insane. They wouldn't believe me when I said that Anna had been in our heads for generations of Tumbles and that without Her guidence and advice us Tumbles would stumble and fall into the depths of the Abyss of madness.''
Mr Tumble started giggling,then held his belly and guffawed loudly.
''What?! What's so funny?!'' Grandad asked with an air of annoyance.
''Tumbles stumble. Stumbles Tumbles. Stumbling Tumbles. That's funny. That made me laugh!'' Mr Tumble laughed some more.
Grandad Tumble was about to slap his grandson round the head when something stopped him mid-whack. Anna spoke again.
''Tumbles,your attention please!'' she sounded back to normal again.
Grandad and Mr Tumble stood bolt upright,Grandad saluted.
''What we have here is a situation. This man is dead!''
''DEAD!'' The Tumbles shouted in unison.
''Dead.'' Anna replied. ''but there is a big big problem.'' She paused. ''This man WAS very ill and he was and still is contagious!''
''Cunt ages?'' Mr Tumble asked frowning. Grandad slapped him round the head,'' contagious,means you could catch something off him!''
''urgh!'' Mr Tumble said taking a step back from the body.
''It's okay,'' Anna reassured them.''This man came from another dimension. In His dimension the infection that he contracted was airborne and  contagious to everyone,but when he came here it mutated.''
Grandad looked concerned,Mr Tumble played with his bow tie.
Anna continued,''Now it will only affect children. I know this because I caught it.''
''You've caught it?! Oh no!'' Cried Grandad Tumble.
''Urgh!'' said Mr Tumble and ducked away for some reason.
''Yes Grandad Tumble. But don't worry. I am a disembodied voice in your heads,it didn't affect me tha same as it would a 'real' child. So we need to dispose of this body before any child comes into contact with it.''
Grandad breathed a sigh of relief. ''well that gives us plenty of time.''
Suddenly the doorbell rang and the front door opened.
Mr Tumble said, ''uh oh.''
Grandad looked at Mr Tumble. Mr Tumble looked at Grandad. Standing between them stood a smaller replica of the too of them,he wore the shorts and a tie shirt and blazer of a school uniform,had a lollipop in one hand and a conker on a piece of string in the other. A brightly coloured badge with '6 today' was fixed to his jacket. It was Sonny Tumble.
''Who the FUCK invited him?!'' screamed Anna.
Mr Tumble started crying.
The little boy Tumble dropped his lollipop on to the vomit on the dead body's chest,picked it up wiped it on his shirt and popped it back in his mouth.
Grandad gulped down some of his own bile that had risen in the back of his throat.
Little boy Tumble waggled his eyebrows at the older two,''Anyone for conkers?''

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