Sunday, 19 August 2012

ZeeBeeBees 2

Grandad Tumble sat reading his newspaper in front of his shed on his garden chair. It was a beautiful sunny day. ''aaah'',he said as he wriggled around and got comfortable and began to read the article about his favourite singer Cliff Tumble. He peered over his glasses and said to no one in particular, ''i wonder what the Boy is up to.''

The Boy,Mr Tumble was setting a red and white checked cloth on the grass. Seated around the cloth were his toys. Mr Tumble loves his toys.
''i love my toys!'' said Mr Tumble and he pressed his red-painted nose and made a hooter sound effect.
He had a teddy bear called Teddy Tumble.
''This is Teddy Tumble.'' He said talking to some invisible being that no one else could see that had the voice of a child.
''Yes! Teddy Tumble is going to have a picnic!'' He said waving his hands around in some weird gesture.
''are you going to wash your hands Mr Tumble? Why don't you use the wet wipes?'' Came the voice only he could hear.
Mr Tumble with a look of confusion said,''wait. Wash my hands? Use these wipes? Thank you!''
Suddenly there was a great big loud crash coming from Mr Tumble's house.
''What on Earth was that Mr Tumble?!'' The Voice asked wavering with concern.
Mr Tumble frowned and looked worried, ''I don't know!''
''Maybe you should go and have a look then Mr Tumble'' Instructed the Voice.
''Have a look? Yes,okay.'' Mr Tumble sprang up and immediatly tripped over his feet and landed smack bang in the picnic basket.
''Oh Mr Tumble,you are silly!'' Said the Voice greatly amused.
Mr Tumble wiped cream from the strategically place trifle off his face and ran across the spotty grass to the house.

As soon as he opened the back door he was greeted with the sight of a chunky blonde baby faced man with spots on his cheeks and a red nose. He had yellow stripey clown trousers on above red boots and wore a spotty waistcoat and blue bow tie. Mr Tumble recoiled in fright.
''Oh Mr Tumble!'' Said the Voice,''It's your reflection!''
Mr Tumble looked embarrassed,''my reflection. Haha''
After dancing in front of the hallway mirror for longer than was necessary the Voice reminded him of the great big loud crash they had heard from outside. Mr Tumble went to investigate....

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